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  • The Project kicks-off through an initial meeting between the senior technical management from AgileBudi and the client. A requirements analyst and a project owner from AgileBudi attends the initial meeting in order to capture the requirements.
  • Upon capturing the requirements, we present the Project delivery proposal to the client. That includes details about the resources required, development, testing and deployment strategies, technical overview about the project, delivery dates including details of each deliverable, risks and assumptions.
  • We normally propose our customers to deliver the whole project in an incremental manner where each increment’s period spans between one to 4 weeks. Increment is also termed as Sprint. Each increment is working software available to be used by the end users with limited functionalities as compared to the final product.
  • The technical lead continuously remains in contact with client in order to update him about the progress of the project and if there are any risks involved in the delivery of each sprint.
  • A typical project team at AgileBudi include Project Owner, Project Team Lead and a set of developers. Project Owner’s involvement in the project is normally 25% however rest of the team is involved 100% until the delivery of the last sprint.
  • At the start of each sprint, a set of requirements are agreed between all the stakeholders from AgileBudi and the client. Once agreed, requirements are not changed for the current sprint. However, the changes are welcome to be included and prioritised for the next sprint.
  • Each member in the development team is self-organized and committed to deliver the sprint with quality and on time. Each member of the team is involved in producing various documents including analysis and design, development, unit testing, system testing, integration testing and deployment. This avoids reliance on a single individual within the team to deliver a particular part of the sprint.

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