Big Data

Proof of Concepts (PoC)

Our Proof of Concept service, delivered by big data experts, assesses the potential of selected big data solutions to meet your specific business information needs.

Hadoop PoC cluster:

A custom-configured environment:

Reliable, secure access to our high-availability Hadoop PoC environment Provisioning of the required number of nodes (minimum six data nodes with a total net capacity of 19 TB HDD and 144 GB memory). Further nodes (one node has a net capacity of 3.2 TB HHD and 24 GB memory) can be made available to ensure speed of analysis is in line with your performance requirements Compression factor of up to ten (depending on database) possible


Hands-on experience of big data solution implementation First-hand evaluation of a big data (Hadoop) solution as an addition or as a replacement for your existing operational applications Practical assessment of the potential of big data for your business Assessment of feasibility and security Scenario optimization with the support of our big data experts

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