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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a very important process to ensure correct elicitation of requirements, translation into quality code and defect-free operations of the applications as per the requirements. We help our clients by developing test case scenarios for the applications to determine at each step of the development process that requirements are being correctly translated into an operational application.

Our Functional Testing steps are:

  • Kick-off Stage – Gathering of requirements
  • Kick-off Stage – Gathering of requirements
  • Test Requirements – Preparation of test traceability matrix
  • Test Planning – Development of test plans
  • Test Design – Development of test scenarios and cases
  • Test Data – Preparing test data
  • Execution – Performing tests and capturing results
  • Defect Tracking – Analyzing results and sharing insights and recommendations with client
  • Closure – Acceptance of results/ recommendations by the client

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